6.0 New Injectors (Customize Your Set of 8)
6.0 New Injectors (Customize Your Set of 8)

6.0 New Injectors (Customize Your Set of 8)

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Available Nozzles

Stock Stock
155CC Stock, 30%
175CC Stock, 30%, 75%
190CC 30%, 75%, 100%
205CC 30%, 75%, 100%
225CC 75%, 100%, 150%
250CC 75%, 100%, 150%
285CC 75%, 100%, 150%
300CC 100%, 150%, 200%


They are finally here, introducing Holders All New Injectors! Our New Injectors are at the top of the line when it comes to quality, with all new parts they are sure to last for a long time to come.  These injectors have all new parts which includes, new spool valve assemblies, solenoid assembly with connectors, fuel plungers, intensifier pistons, and injector bodies.   These injectors are new, yes they have 100% new parts, and nothing is reused.  This is an exchange service.  You can send your cores in first to avoid the upfront core charge.  These include a 3 year/unlimited mile warranty.