Fuel Injector and Turbo Combination's

When we start talking numbers when it comes to injectors and turbos, it can get confusing.  People call and email us every day asking “What’s the best injector and turbo combination for x amount of horsepower?” So, let’s talk about injector and turbo sizing this time.

While we would love to say a 190/30 injector and stage 2 turbo is a great combo and will make 575-600 horsepower for everyone, that’s just simply not the case.   While the setup I just mentioned would make that kind of power in most cases, it is not perfect for everyone.  For example, if your truck is lifted on large wheels and tires, and you still tow with it, especially in any kind of geographic elevation, this may not be a great combo for your particular application. You may have issues such as high EGT’s, slow spool up time, or excessive smoke.  In this case, I would actually recommend downsizing the turbo due to the additional rolling mass of a lifted truck and larger tires, especially in higher elevations where turbos do not work as well anyway.  So how do you know what will work best for you?

Since not every truck is the same and everyone uses their truck differently, there really is no “one size fits all” combination.  For this reason, I would heavily recommend talking to a reputable shop and discussing with them your needs/wants and figure out your ideal setup from there.  You are more than welcome to call or email us anytime to discuss these things. 

But, how do you know the person giving you advice knows what they are talking about?  Well for starters, look at the reputation of said person or company and that will tell you a lot.  Secondly, the person should ask more than “what is your horsepower goal?”  They should be asking questions such as;

What is your horsepower goal?

Do you tow often?

If you tow often, how much weight is it and how frequently?

What supporting mods do you have?

Is your truck lifted, and if so what size tires?

What’s your gear ratio?

Where do you live, at what elevation are you usually driving?


These are questions that our friends over at KC Turbos are very good about asking with turbo sizing.  While the questions may seem overwhelming or unnecessary, it is all very important to determine your ideal setup for what you want and need.  After all, you are spending a lot of money so you want to do it right the first time.


The short version of this is that there is no “perfect combination” for everyone.  Seek out help from reputable companies and give them as much information as possible so that they can more effectively help you when picking the parts you need.  In doing this, you are more likely to get your truck to the power level your looking for, while also getting the truck to drive the way you want it to.  Do not get stuck saying “I wish I would have…”


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