Premiums vs. Premiums vs. Premiums?

Premiums vs. Premiums vs. Premiums


On almost a daily basis I get asked the following questions:

  1. What are your Premium Injectors?
  2. What makes them different from another company’s Premium Injector?
  3. Why are yours more expensive?


I will start with a little back story.  Some years ago, with the condition of core injectors on the market declining, we only had 2 options; either gamble with building cores or buy new OEM injectors to build from. I wanted to add another option, so I decided to build a “premium” line of injectors.  I wanted to do a couple things with these, to build them with all new parts for optimum reliability, and I wanted them to be cost effective.  

We developed the line of injectors and fitted them with all new parts, a mix of OEM parts and aftermarket parts. After testing multiple versions of each, we determined what combination would work best.  We then introduced the first line of “Premium Injectors” to the market, as well as the first ones to add a 3-year warranty to any 6.0 injector.  We were able to have an aftermarket injector, just as reliable, if not more reliable than OEM, but with a lower price as opposed to buying new OEM and building those.


So, what are our Premium Injectors exactly?  We offer these for the 6.0 and the 7.3 Power Stroke Engines.  As stated before, these have all new parts, mechanical and electrical.  This includes all moving parts such as fuel plungers, intensifier pistons, spool valves, solenoids, connectors, nozzles, check plates, check balls, nozzle spring, plunger spring and more.  With all new parts, reliability was improved tremendously.


What makes our Premium Injectors different from another company’s? In order to have a “Premium” of anything, it must be better, or “higher quality”, than anything that you currently offer or than most of what is already available on the market. After our line of injectors caught traction in the market, other company’s started to piggy back off of the success and came out with their own lines of “Premium Injectors”.  Are they the same as ours?  No, they simply add one or two extra parts to their standard build and call them “Premium”.


Example of Premium Injector parts replaced with brand new parts:


Holders Diesel Performance:

-Fuel Plungers

-Intensifier Pistons

-Spool valves




-Nozzle Springs

-Plunger Springs

-Check Ball

-Check Plate

-Seals/O Rings


Competitor Injectors:



-Spool valves

-Solenoids (Sometimes)


For the last question: “Why are yours more expensive?”  We understand! You want to get the most from your money! You can see with the number of parts being used in our premium injectors, they are simply much more expensive to manufacture. Therefore, they cost a little more.  But, with the little bit of extra money the reliability of the injector is much better and let’s be honest, nobody wants to replace injectors and then have issues a few thousand miles down the road.  You end up spending more money overall in labor and time with your truck broken down again for the same problem.  Do it once and do it right.  I am a firm believer in “If you cannot afford to do it right you definitely cannot afford to do it twice”.



-Rykan Holder


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  • Ed Miller

    Rykan Holders customer service is the best. He has bailed me out a few times and is just one more reason I only use Holders injectors.

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