7.3 Premium Stage 6 350CC Hybrid Injectors (Set of 8)

Regular price $3,085.00

These are our stage 6 competition injector.  They displace 350cc of fuel and are all a single shot style hybrid injector.  The hybrid injectors allow you to deliver more fuel with less high pressure oil.  You will need custom tuning for these to run to their full potential.  We recommend running a 100-400% nozzle with these depending on your goals.  The smaller nozzle will help with fuel atomization and controlling EGT’s for towing while the larger nozzle will be better for top end power.  These will require fuel system and high pressure oil upgrades.  We always recommend you check your fuel pressure after installation and ensure it never drops below 45 psi under load.

***If sending in 99-03 year model injector cores there will be an additional $150 charge for converting them to single shot style injectors***

These are built from new OE Reman injectors with all new parts throughout the injector then modified to your desired size.  These are an exchange program but you can avoid the up front core charge by sending your cores in first.