Driven Diesel 6.0L V3 Fuel Bowl Removal Regulated Return Fuel System Kit
Driven Diesel 6.0L V3 Fuel Bowl Removal Regulated Return Fuel System Kit
Driven Diesel 6.0L V3 Fuel Bowl Removal Regulated Return Fuel System Kit
Driven Diesel 6.0L V3 Fuel Bowl Removal Regulated Return Fuel System Kit
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Driven Diesel 6.0L V3 Fuel Bowl Removal Regulated Return Fuel System Kit

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The Driven Diesel "Fuel Bowl Removal" Regulated Return Kit for the 03-07 6.0L Powerstroke Super Duty takes our popular "Standard" Regulated Return Kit to a new level. Just like our "Standard" version, this kit eliminates the "dead-head" stock fuel rails and provides adjustable fuel pressure capability to the Powerstroke fuel system. This is accomplished by tying the end of each fuel rail together through a Bypass Fuel Pressure Regulator. In addition, the "Bowl Removal" Regulated Return kit also eliminates the restrictive stock fuel filter bowl, improving fuel flow to the heads and giving back some valuable engine valley room...particularly if you are also deleting the factory oil filter bowl by using a Bullet Proof Diesel oil cooler kit (or similar).

The primary benefits of this kit are significantly increased fuel flow "through" the heads, ensuring that every fuel injector has adequate fuel quantity and pressure all the time. Additionally, any air that may develop in the fuel system can pass through the heads and out the regulators return port to the tank, instead of through the fuel injectors...resulting in increased injector life and less injector noise. If you are installing new injectors (stock or aftermarket), we HIGHLY RECOMMEND one of our Regulated Return kits to protect your investment and maximize your performance!


Additional Parts and Filtration REQUIRED when using this kit! See below for notes about specific common configurations:

If your truck is still using the stock oil filter bowl, installation of this kit requires either MODIFICATION to your current oil filter bowl (cutting off the fuel filter bowl) or REPLACEMENT of your oil filter bowl (with one that doesn't have a fuel filter bowl attached to it).

If your truck is no longer using the stock oil filter bowl, as in the case of running a Bullet Proof Diesel Oil Cooler Kit with a remote oil filter, use of this fuel bowl delete kit will allow complete removal of the entire oil/fuel filter bowl assembly from your truck.

This kit was NOT designed to be used with the STOCK fuel pump. Since the stock fuel pump contains a fuel filter, and replacement fuel filter cartridges must be purchased in pairs with the secondary fuel filter, it doesn't make sense to delete the secondary fuel filter bowl while continuing to purchase the fuel filter cartridges for it. If you wish to retain your stock fuel pump, we recommend retaining the stock secondary filter and using the "Standard" 6.0L Regulated Return Kit.

If using one of the Driven Diesel High Volume Fuel Delivery Kits, you should have everything you need to complete the connection to this Fuel Bowl Removal Regulated Return. This Bowl Removal Regulated Return kit was specifically designed with the High Volume Fuel Delivery Kits in mind.

If using a high pressure FASS or AIRDOG II, you will need our FASS / AIRDOG II INSTALL KIT.

If using any other pump and filter configuration, it is your responsibility to make sure that you have adequate PRE & POST PUMP fuel filtration and water separation, that your pump is supplying adequate fuel volume and that you have the right #6 AN connection for the bowl removal block inlet.

The most commonly reported results from the installation of a Driven Diesel Regulated Return Kit are:

• Improved Throttle Response
• Increased Power Output
• Increased Fuel Injector Life

Below are some of the key features of the Driven Diesel Regulated Return Kits:

• Fits with Both Stock and Aftermarket Turbocharger Applications
• High Quality Fuelab Bypass Fuel Pressure Regulator **
• Custom Machined Fuel Bowl Removal Block **
• CNC Bent S.S. Hard Line Used in High Temperature and Tight Radius Locations *
• High Quality 3/8" S.S. Braided Teflon Hoses with BLACK Protective Covering *
  (Black Covering Prevents Abrasion Damage to Hoses and Surrounding Parts)
• Custom T-304 S.S. Regulator Mounting Bracket **
• Custom Driven Diesel Liquid Filled Fuel Pressure Gauge
• All Kits Feed Front Ports (away from Turbo Heat) and Return from Rear Ports
• Complete Kit with All Necessary Parts and Detailed COLOR Instructions

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